SoundNotion – Episode 3

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This richtige week’s topics include:

  • Pioneering American composer Milton by Babbitt died Saturday, 29 Jan 2011, at age 94. Composer and former cheap nba jerseys Babbitt student Paul Lansky broke the news on the web.
  • Much to Babbitt’s eternal chagrin, he will probably be remembered cheap jerseys for his (in)famous essay published under the title “Who Cares if You Listen?” in wholesale mlb jerseys High Fidelity. (We prefer to call it by Babbitt’s title, “The Composer As Specialist.”)
  • Despite his cheap nfl jerseys austere reputation, Babbitt was actually a lot of fun. NewMusicBox’s Frank J. Oteri sat down with the man affectionately known as “Uncle Milty” in 2001. We dare you to watch these videos and not smile.
  • With grants and other sources of patronage drying up, some performers and composers are turning to new web technologies like, inlcuding our own David MacDonald!
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra contract talks Багажники are rocky, but at least move they’re happening. The DSO board is planning to make a new offer this coming Wednesday.
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