SoundNotion 12: Architects vs. Chefs

NewMusicBox’s Molly Sheridan joins us to discuss the American Music Center-Meet the Composer merger. We also discuss the latest from the DSO, the RIAA’s suit against Limewire, and Rob Deemer’s article about architects and chefs.

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This week’s panel:

This week’s topics include:

Pick of the week:

  • This week: Symphony No. 2 (1957) by Michael TippettAmazon MP3iTunes
  • Next week: Like Dusted Sparks, timpani concerto (2008) by Ken UenoiTunes
    Bonus pick (recommended by the composer): On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis: On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis, vocal concerto (2010) by Ken UenoAmazon MP3iTunes
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  • sam

    The woman from Minnesota, sued for hosting illegal content mentioned in this week’s show.

    Also, the story about the fine for amputating the wrong leg is from “Free Culture” page 186,not “Remix” as I had said. Additionally, the law was only one under consideration at the time the book was written.

  • Thanks for the great chat, guys! Just to update you, the archived footage of the complete NYC presentation is posted at: