SoundNotion 16: Blasphemer

The h2 quartet’s Kim Goddard joins us this week as we discuss our trip to the New Music USA town hall meeting in Chicago, composer Elliot Cole’s rap EP, corporate sponsorship of the arts, and more.

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This week’s panel:

This week’s topics include:

  • This week, we are joined by Kim Goddard of the h2 quartet.
  • Last Friday, SoundNotion was at the town hall meeting in Chicago hosted by the American Music Center, Meet the Composer, and American Composers Forum, about their proposed merger.
  • Sequenza21 contributor and Princeton composer Elliot Cole has released a rap EP full of what the kids are calling “phat beats.”
  • WNYC/WQXR is hosting a conversation with some leaders in the NYC orchestra community about the future of American orchestras.
  • Butts in the Seats provides some compelling analysis of a Culture Track survey about corporate sponsorship of the arts.
  • Alex Ross proposes some new festive music for the royal wedding.

Pick of the week:

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  • Hey guys! I wasn’t aware my comments were going to be part of the show, but now that they are, I feel I should clarify. My criticism was not necessarily of Echolocation, specifically, but of concept pieces in general. I am wary of concept pieces for the reason I stated last week. (I have the same critique of my own piece I wrote for H2, Fibonacci’s Rabbits. It was incredibly difficult for me to maintain a sense of being and forward motion in the piece, because it was so intimately tied to the concept. I’m still not sure I pulled it off successfully.) That being said, I do think that Echolocation does overcome the concept far better than most concept pieces I know. It’s just a personal hesitation I harbor when approaching such pieces.

  • sam

    Thanks Matt – I wasn’t trying to put you on the spot or anything. You gave us a great jumping off point for the conversation and you are absolutely right about a piece that tries to use some sort of a trick to hold itself up. We all agree that Echolocation does no such thing. Sorry if I misrepresented your intentions and please keep the comments coming. You truly are a “friend of the show.”

    • No worries, Sam. In retrospect, after reading my comments from last week, they were pretty unclear and did seem directed towards Echolocation. Let that be a lesson to myself to speak and write more clearly in the future! But yes, I, too, wanted to use the piece as a jumping off point for dialogue about a personal pet peeve of mine.