SoundNotion 20: Shirtless Guitarist

Meerenai Shim joins the panel this week as we discuss political expression in classical music, the influence of video games on young composers, orchestra news from around the U.S., and more.

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This week’s panel:

This week’s topics include:

  • In the New York Times, David Little wonders about political expression in classical music.
  • NewMusicBox’s Colin Holter thinks all music is political. We didn’t know that about ourselves.
  • Nico Muhly wrties that his creative process is informed by growing up with video games.
  • The Detroit Symphony’s concertmaster of 23 years leaves for Dallas, the Philadelphia Orchestra’s bankrupcy protection remains contentious, and Honolulu may be home to an orchestra again as soon as this fall. Meerenai wonders why we care about these stories.
  • David Smooke wonders about the virtue of keeping sketches around for posterity.
  • We chat with Meerenai about her recent and upcoming projects, including a great music video of a piece from her last album.

Pick of the week:

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