SoundNotion 22: Violagate!

Topics include the Violagate scandal, a festival of toy piano music, ASCAP / League of American Orchestras awards for adventurous programming, classical music and copyright at the U.S. Supreme Court, and more.

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This week’s panel:

This week’s topics include:

  • Violagate! The much-maligned instrument finds itself at the center of a concert hall standoff. Things don’t end well for the viola. (diminished chord)
  • The toy piano gets a big boy sized festival.
  • Holly Mulcahy gives us a break from the doom and gloom in the classical music scene with 10 GOOD THINGS she’s noticed lately. And she’s collecting more.
  • ASCAP and the League of American Orchestras present 26 Adventurous Programming awards to orchestras in the US. BIG SURPRISE – Detroit, Philadelphia, Honolulu, New Mexico and Louisville didn’t make the list.
  • Maestro Lawrence Golan at the University of Denver takes a plea for fair use all the way to the Supreme Court. No pressure Larry; the fate of cultural exchange in the United States is in your hands.
  • Self-publishing makes things so much easier for composer – right? David Smooke talks distribution, licensing and how to responsibly give things away for free.

Pick of the week:

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