Music is Hard 11: Performance Technology

This week:
What technologies do we use in performance? Why might we be inclined to use it? What risk do we take in using technology in live performance? How should we react when the technology fails us?

Link: Albéniz vs. the Fly

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  • You expect a pianist to be an expert at playing the keys, working the pedals, even at turning pages sometimes, and knowing when the piano sounds in tune and in good repair. If the performer is expected to play another instrument, like the footswitch, or Max/MSP patch, then the composer helping by making that other instrument as easy to play as possible is super helpful, especially if the computer can pretty much play itself. Otherwise, you could make it possible for it to be a duet between the performer and another performer playing the computer, or give really awesome instructions. I hope to write lots about this topic someday, but good discussion!