SoundNotion 40: Buzzword Bingo

Rachel Yoder joins the panel to discuss SONiC, classical music in bars, racial inequality in arts funding, pension problems with the Philadelphia Orchestra and amateur composers (get enough money to make it through retirement or die tryin’).

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
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  • Hey guys – just listening to the show right now, and would love to come back and discuss it :)

  • Brighton21

    Caught your show for the 1st time today and immediately subscribed in iTunes. Enjoyed it! You need to experience Biophilia on the iPad, though, it really is trippy and wonderful. Bjork is onto something here – I immediately wanted to write an opera for iPad. It is an interactive music-nature encounter experience. The visual aspect is stunningly original and highly entertaining. Check out the animations of the music. She is leading the way, following Laurie Anderson of course, in artistic multimedia productions.
    Business-wise, I don’t believe that iPad and iPhone apps can be illegally copied or ripped. Not easily anyway. It makes sense to release albums as apps, I’m surprised more bands and composers have not done it. With Biophilia, Bjork takes it a step further and makes the “album” experience interactive.
    Again, love the show. Live long and prosper. Aloha.

    • Thanks for listening, and thanks for your comment. I’m curious about what you mean by “an opera for iPad.” My concern with such a project would be that you would limit your audience to people with iPads. I don’t know what Bjork’s app entails (I don’t have any devices that would run it), but I can’t imagine it has any features that wouldn’t have worked on a high tech tablet-optimized website. I don’t think I should have to invest in a particular brand of device to experience an artwork. A web site could allow for an equally immersive experience and allow people to make whatever other consumer choices they want. Having said that, the next time I see a friend with an iPad, I’m going to try to convince them to download the Biophilia app so I can play with it.