SoundNotion 54: Glasspeggios™

This week the panel is joined by #FoTS Ty Forquer. We discuss the Grammys (GO YORK BOWEN!), Oliveros’ Cage Award, the classical cred of Radiohead vs Reich, the salvation of classical music (ASIANS!) and Sam gets buyers remorse over Glass Symphony No. 9.

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  • sam

    One quick correction. I (boneheadedly) mentioned a review of Everything in its Right Place in The New Yorker, suggesting that #FoTS Alex Ross had written the review. The review (a pretty negative one) is by actually by Nick Hornby –

    • Is that review available online somewhere?

      • sam

        I found it in part (without looking really hard) and was asked to subscribe to The New Yorker online to continue reading.

  • Andrew Hudson

    I keep hearing you guys talk about how music schools aren’t properly preparing composition majors to make a living– could you go into more detail on that? As I am currently a third-year composition major in California, I’d be interested in getting some advice on what I should be catching up on. Besides “do more stuff”, I’m working on that already :)

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for listening. First of all, I should say that we can really only speak for the places that we have studied and taught. There are some schools that are putting greater emphasis on this stuff. In my experience, schools aren’t giving students much opportunity to learn about being an entrepreneur, creating a business model, and generally all the things that go along with being a composer outside of actually writing music. I actually just got home from a talk by composer/performer/professor David Cutler. I would recommend checking out his book and website, The Savvy Musician.