Music is Hard 60: Organizations

This week:
What are our various professional organizations good for? What are they good (and bad) for? How can we be better members of our professional organizations? How can we make our organizations better? Bonus: Dave shares a personal beef.

On a side note, this will be our final episode of Music is Hard. We’ve had a great time making these. Thanks to everyone who listened. Look for some new shows from SoundNotionTV soon.

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  • I really wish you guys would continue the show!! Idk why you’re ending it, but I recently discovered it and I think it’s fantastic. I’m sort of going through them all and listening to them. If you must end it, best of luck on new shows. But it’s been sooo useful to hear both of your thoughts, and to do it in a comfortably informal way. Real talk, ya know? I know there are other Soundnotion shows, but I’m particularly fond of this one because the first episode I ever listened to, one of you used the word ‘Butt-hurt”…and I was hooked.

    You had me at “Butt-hurt”…haha. Anyway, I hope something similar pops up and thanks for the shows!!!

    All best,
    Troy RAMOS

  • Troy,

    First, thanks for listening to the show. Second, I’m sorry to abandon you. Tim and I had a lot of fun doing this show, but it never really reached a wide enough audience. I think it was pretty much you and my mom listening. We’ve decided to put our energy into some new shows. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce something soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions.


  • Well, Dave: you and Tim was robbed (questionable grammar, but fairly fun to say). I think, imho, that any absence of a wider audience might be due to a simple unawareness…..either that or too many people only care about babies and kittens (that’s in reference to me sharing y’all’s show on Facebook and getting almost zero response).

    So, Idk if you guys’ve covered this already, but I wonder if that topic of ‘who your audience is/could be/should be/might hopefully be’, could be a show (on whichever future show)? What is success and is it relative to larger music/arts podcasts? Only New Music podcasts?

    I tend to be critical, for better or worse, so I really hate seeing shows that are good go away. But maybe 60-ish episodes is enough…maybe everything isn’t meant to have the US network sitcom lifespan (or everything doesn’t have to be geared towards that, I mean).

    Until any new shows, I’ll miss MIH’s great sense of humor. And I don’t know about me, but your mom must have good taste! ;)

    All best,

  • I’ll miss the show as well – and I also listened avidly – and I’m not your Mom. I look forward to hearing future shows – great run with this one, even if it didn’t happen to reach a huge audience.