Streamers and Punches 49: Breaking Bear

In this episode we interview composer Bear McCreary, talk about movies we’ve recently seen, look at new scoring assignments for composers Ryan Amon, Tyler Bates, and Alexander Desplat, and highlight recent film score releases.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter talks about the final season.
  • This article discusses composer Ryan Amon and his score to Elysium.
  • Tyler Bates has been hired to score Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Alexander Desplat has been hired to score Godzilla.
  • Bill has been listening to music from Breaking Bad (Dave Porter), Elysium (Ryan Amon), Solomon Kane (Klaus Badelt), X-Men trilogy (Michael Kamen, John Ottman, John Powell), and The World’s End (Steven Price).
  • Kevin has been listening to The World’s End (Steven Price) and Shaun of the Dead (Dan Mudford and Pete Woodhead).
  • New CD releases: Poltergeist 2 (J Goldsmith), The Matrix Reloaded 2CD (Don Davis), Wyatt Earp 3CD (James N Howard), Star Trek Insurrection Expanded Collector’s Edition (J Goldsmith).
  • We interview Bear McCreary.
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