Streamers and Punches 51: Batman vs. Superman vs. Hans Zimmer

In this episode we look at a ton of recent interviews, many involving Christopher Drake and Hans Zimmer. We also check out some recent CD releases, and talk about what we’ve been listening to.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Here is a preview for the score for Batman: Arkham Origins, and an interview with composer Christopher Drake.
  • Interview with Cliff Martinez about his score to Only God Forgives.
  • Steven Price talks about his score to Gravity.
  • Hans Zimmer section: he is on the fence about new Superman/Batman score, he will score Spider-Man 2 (talks here), which he is also assembling a super group for the score. Also, “Is Hans Zimmer Repeating Himself,” was recently asked.
  • There was recently a concert of new piano works by film composers.
  • The new end credits song for Hobbit sequel released.
  • Listen to Brian Tyler’s score to Thor: The Dark World.
  • Review of Danny Elfman’s “Tim Burton” concert.
  • Who will write the themes for the two new Star Wars TV series?
  • 42-track Arrested Development album to be released.
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