Streamers and Punches 56: House of Beal

In this episode we look at headlines with Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer, talk about concerts featuring film music, share what we’ve listening to lately, and interview Jeff Beal. Oh, and Kevin has a shameless plug.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Alan Silvestri scores the new tv series Cosmos.
  • Alan Silvestri will not score Avengers sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Brian Tyler will instead.)
  • Howard Shore to have three world premieres in Ireland.
  • Preview of Mansell’s score to Noah and Mica Levi’s score to Under the Skin.
  • Hans Zimmer knew nothing of the plot to Interstellar when he composed the score.
  • The New York Phil will play an all-Pixar concert under David Newman. May 1-3.
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra is planning fun and games for people camping out for Williams/Spielberg tickets.
  • Bill has been listening to Django Unchained (Ennio Morricone, various), Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (Henry Jackman), Flesh + Blood (Basil Poledouris), The Meteor Man (Cliff Eidelman), Sherlock: Series 3 (Arnold & Price).
  • Kevin has been listening to Cosmos (Alan Silvestri), Tim’s Vermeer (Conrad Pope), The Grand Budapest Hotel (Alexandre Desplat), Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (Henry Jackman).
  • New soundtrack releases: Young Sherlock 2CD, Psycho II (Jerry Goldsmith), Jade (James Horner).
  • We interview Jeff Beal. We specifically discussed his work on House of Cards and Blackfish. The soundtrack album of House of Cards Season 1 is currently available. Season 2 comes out May 19.
  • Shameless plug for Kevin: Movie Night with Helix Collective. Performance 5/3/14 6pm. Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles.
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