Patch In 10: The Notorious M.S.P.

In a very special episode of Patch In, Ben and Nate talk to Miller S Puckette, creator of Max/MSP and Pure Data, about the languages he created, his book, teaching, the Raspberry Pi, and his amazing guitar synth. Also, updates to Reason and Max/MSP.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • In Max/MSP land, version 6.18 is out (Gen has been improved, and is now included for free), and Max 7 has been announced and scheduled for a release later this fall.
  • Reason 8 has also been announced and is accepting Beta Tester applications. Expect a huge workspace overhaul!
  • Our guest this week is Miller S. Puckette, creator of Max/MSP and Pure Data, and instructor at UCSD, and he shares with us some of his amazing work and research.
    • With his guitar synth, he replaces each string’s waveform period by period.
    • A new update for Pd is cooking on one of his many burners.
    • Working with a Raspberry Pi, Graphical Patching, Nonlinear Delays and much, much more!
  • Nate takes on Envelope Generators for this week’s 2-minute challenge!
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