Patch In 11: Kind of like NASCAR

In this episode Jay Batzner stops by to talk about tenure, teaching, and composing with the infamous [bubbler~] plugin, natural horns, and a Flaming Carrot. In other topics, we dig into Electro-Acoustic archaeology, and Ben explains amplitude modulation.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • News from the software/hardware front:
  • Ben will be performing the electronics part to Saariaho’s “Laconisme de l’Aile.” Kathryne Salo will be performing the flute part. Free at 8pm at Michigan State University on Friday, Sept. 30.
  • Our guest this month is Jay Batzner, composer, blogger and CD reviewer, Programming Director for Electronic Music Midwest, and a great follow on Twitter!
    • Among other things, we discuss teaching, composing in Max/MSP (especially with the infamous [bubbler~] plugin), natural horns, Electro-Acoustic archaeology and much much more!
  • For this month’s 2 minute challenge, Ben takes on Amplitude Modulation.
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  • Sam

    Liked the the challenge: Amplitude Modulation. Sounds complicated but it’s not really. It’s a way to transfer your signal (information) by varying the carrier amplitude. It’s worth noting that this type of modulation is less immune to noise and interference, in contrast to FM (Frequency Modulation). The reason is, FM is immune to amplitude aggressors (like various interferences) as it conveys information through varying (modulating) the carrier frequency and not amplitude.
    Great video as usual, I enjoyed it, thanks.

  • Thanks for commenting Sam! I’m going to do my best to talk about FM today, so I hope I do ok. :)