Streamers and Punches 63: Omnistellar

In this episode we look at Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, and Patrick Doyle in the news, talk about the sound mix issues surrounding Interstellar plus our thoughts on the score, and interview orchestrator and Omni Music Publisher owner Tim Rodier.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
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  • Alfredo Zayas

    I’ve seen all your episodes and I think you guys are great for doing this. I notice there are a few names you mention on pretty much every episode: Zimmer, Elfman, Shore, Silvestri, Giacchino…and John Williams. I thought you guys would like this video, if you haven’t seen it already: I thought it was hilarious. Keep up the good work Kevin and Bill. You too Dave.

  • Alfredo, thanks so much for your kind words about the show. And thanks for sharing that hilarious video! I can assure you from firsthand experience that Kevin and Bill have very similar creative processes to what you see there.