SoundNotion 204: More Right Than Others

This week on SoundNotion, the panel is joined by the Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg‘s in-development scoring application Daniel Spreadbury (AKA Papa SMuFL). Things get nerdy fast in this interview and that’s the way we like it.

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  • kritikosman

    Notation software when used by the ‘pros’ and those who spend years mastering it works well, I’m sure . But for the average musicians/ composer/arranger,…etc Almost all of the big boy notation programs are cumbersome at least. Items like StaffPad offer light at the tunnel’s end though.

    • davemacdo

      Thanks for listening, kritikosman. I’m glad that those introductory applications exist, especially at the lower price points. It’s a great way for people to get started writing music, but my concern is that they limit the user’s creativity. This isn’t a limitation of StaffPad, but in the very early days of music notation software, changing meters was very difficult. If I was starting to write music at that time, I would never written music that changed meters. The tools we use affect the work we make, and more importantly, the way we think about it.