SoundNotion 236: A Moon Shaped Review

This week on SoundNotion, we let the fanboy flag fly with a “?review?” of Radiohead’s newest studio album A Moon Shaped Pool. We talk electronics, polyrhythmic inflections, string articulations, and how even Radiohead can do a love song.

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  • 96B35F

    I am very sorry that i am the only comment for this review, and that the podcast hasn’t caught on more. I for one throughly have enjoyed every agreeable and disagreeable moment. I hope you guys change your minds and put out another audio podcast of sound notion in the future. I really wanted to Sam’s thoughts on the objections some european conductors have to the way American orchestra’s are run.
    Come on guys bring back the podcast,… even if it is only quarterly.

    • davemacdo

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m really glad to hear you liked the show. We had a great time making it. Unfortunately, we were all being pulled in different directions with our other responsibilities. We hope to relaunch some day when things settle down a bit in our professional lives. In the meanwhile, I happen to think our back catalog is pretty good. :-)