How to be a guest on SoundNotion

Technical requirements:

  • Mac or PC – At this time, Skype for mobile devices does not support group video chat, so we can’t have guests over tablets or smartphones.
  • Skype 5.0 or higher
  • internet connection – Wired is better than wireless, but if only wifi is available, we can make it work
  • webcam – This can be built in to your computer. If you have a laptop made in the last 5 years or so, you probably have one built into the monitor.
  • microphone – If you’re using a webcam, you’ve got one built in. If you want to get all fancy and use your swanked out something-something, that’s great. It’ll make the show sound better. But we’re not going to turn away interesting guests just because they don’t own a radio microphone.

Technical things-that-would-be-nice-to-have:

  • headphones – You may not need them, but they help prevent feedback if it becomes a problem. Best to have a pair handy just in case.

Information we need from you:

  • Skype username
  • website URL(s) for you or your organization
  • Twitter name you (or your organization) use – If you don’t toot, that’s okay too.

Before the show:

  • We will share a Google Doc with you sometime during the week before your show, usually by Friday at the latest. That doc will have a list of links to news stories, editorials, and blog posts from the last week or so that we thought were particularly interesting. Read them or skim them if you want, but don’t feel obligated to do anything with them. On Sunday morning, before the show starts, we’ll make an ordered run-down of the topics for the show, mostly based on those links. That might involve cutting some of them. The first thing on the rundown is always welcoming our guest (that’s you!) and talking about their music or organization and what projects they have coming up. Feel free to plug anything you want here, websites, concerts, recordings, frozen custard stands, whatever. So have that information handy.

Sunday morning:

  • Please note that all times here and in our communications with you are U.S. Eastern time unless otherwise noted.
  • We’ll call you at 11am ET on Skype (note, we have to call out to you). Look for a contact request from our username SoundNotion. It may be a little earlier if we’re ready to go or a little later if there are technical difficulties (when in doubt, blame Skype). We stream the show live at; feel free to plug that in whatever channels you normally plug things (we like Twitter and Facebook). In the Skype feed you see from the studio, you’ll see the actual program that is going out in the stream and that we’re recording. (That feed will always show who is talking, even if that is you. Try to not be distracted by how awesome you look.) If you can remember to look into your webcam when you talk, that would be super, but don’t worry about it too much.
  • The interview-ish part of the show might last anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes before we’ll get into our regular stories. Feel free to jump in on the discussion anytime it interests you. After the stories, we’ll get to our Pick of the Week. This is an audio recording (likely featuring YOU!) that we want to recommend to our audience. We’ll play a short clip (around 30-60 seconds) and then talk about it for a few minutes. We try to keep the show under an hour. Even if we start a little late or talk a little long, you should be done by 12:30pm ET.

After the show:

  • We’ll edit the show and publish it on our site and in our RSS feeds (iTunes, et al.) later in the day on Sunday. We’ll post links on Facebook and Twitter as well. Feel free to plug this anywhere you want as well, we certainly will. Our site will also have links to your stuff and the other stories we talk about on the show. If you have anything you want to make sure we link to, send us an email with the URL.