Statement of Integrity

SoundNotionTV is a place for conversation. The conversation about music includes composers, performers, audiences, publishers, critics, record labels, concert presenters, and more.

We accept press materials from all sorts of entities, including review copies of recordings and books, as well as invitations to performances.  We would not have access to these things if they were not given to us for free, and we appreciate the individuals and organizations who send them to us. (Seriously. If you fall into this category, thank you.) And of course, we all still buy a lot of music ourselves.

Despite this, we believe strongly in our editorial independence, and do not trade coverage and positivity for free stuff and access. We do not discuss or even mention most of the music that is sent to us. Our opinions, as they say, are our own. This conversation only works if you trust that we believe what we say about the music we engage.

Having said all that, if you would like to further impugn our integrity by sending us review copies of your stuff, we’re all ears. :-)

Individual Disclosures

Those of us that make the content at SoundNotionTV are performers and composers, and we are current and former members of many of the organizations that come up on the show, including various professional organizations like the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI), the American Composers Forum (ACF), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the College Music Society (CMS), and others. Our views, as they say, are our own.