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Patch In 16: The One About Feet

This month, Ben and Nate talk with Chris Biggs and Keith Kirchoff about the SPLICE institute, their music, teaching performers to run Max and DAWs, helping composers to go to the next level. Then Nate explains microcontrollers.

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  • More news from from NAMM:
    • The Jamstik a guitar controller for your iPad
    • From the always great Synthopia – Darwin Art’s Trilobyte synth. A synth that evolves!
    • Korg has a demo of their remake of the ARP Odyssey.
    • Propellerhead’s Discover platform lets you make music between applications and with users all over the world!
  • Want to know what the sounds removed from an mp3 sound like?
  • Our guests Christopher Biggs (Digital Composition professor at Western Michigan University) and Keith Kirchoff (pianist/composer) talk about the new SPLICE Institute – Awesome summer program at Western Michigan University for composers/performers of electro-acoustic music.
  • Nate’s 2-minute challenge is all about microcontrollers in music.
  • Keith and Chris share some of their favorite gear too.
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