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Streamers and Punches 70: Mission: Impossible – Vincero!

In this episode we talk about the new score to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation by Joe Kraemer and Carter Burwell’s score to Mr. Holmes, the 2015 Emmy nominations, new CD releases, and an article by Alex Ross.

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This week’s topics include:
  • Cool article by Alex Ross re: MI: Rogue Nation
  • Emmy nominations
  • Bill’s been listening to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Joe Kraemer)
  • Kevin’s been listening to Mr. Holmes (Burwell), M:I 5 (Joe Kraemer)
  • New CD Releases: Homeward Bound (B Broughton), Cat’s Eye (Alan Silvestri), Adventures in Babysitting (Michael Kamen), The Aviator (Dominic Frontiere), Gremlins 2 expanded (Goldsmith), Return to Oz (Shire), Searching for Bobby Fischer (Horner), Outbreak 2CD (JN Howard), A.I. 3CD (Williams)
  • Quick mentions: Fantastic Four (Beltrami and Glass), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Daniel Pemberton)
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Streamers and Punches 36: The D-Minor Knight Rises

In this episode we look at The Dark Knight Rises score, the Emmy nominations, anticipate Zimmer’s Superman score, wish a restful peace for Marvin Hamlisch, Bill answers an email, new CD releases, and we talk about what we’ve been listening to lately.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Preview Nathan Johnson’s score to Looper.
  • An early interview (another here) with Hans Zimmer re: his Man of Steel score.
  • Marvin Hamlisch passed away. Obit here.
  • Emmy nominations announced.
  • Warner Bros. buys Miramax film music catalogue.
  • Nitin Sawhney composes score to silent Hitchcock film “The Lodger.”
  • Hans Zimmer composed “Aurora” for victims of the theatre shooting.
  • Hans Zimmer releases a DKR app.
  • The Dark Knight Rises score reviews
  • CD releases: North by Northwest (Herrmann), Wolfen (unused Safan), The Shadow (2CD, Goldsmith), The Phantom (D Newman), Rio Lobo (Goldsmith), Batman Animated Series Vol. 1 & 2 (S Walker & team), Used Cars (P Williams, Ernest Gold), X-Men United 2CD (J Ottman), Green Lantern Animated Series (F Wiedmann)
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