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Patch In 5: Electro-Acoustic Hobbitses

Composer Andrew Cole stops by to talk about Frozen Atmospheres, Fulbrights, recording, and hobbits… Ben and Nate go nuts for Imogen Heap’s new glove. And Ben explains that sample rate thing that ProTools is always asking you to specify.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Chet Udell’s eMersion Kickstarter is still going strong – 26 days to go and about half way there.
  • Here are some highlights from Musikmesse 2014:
  • Apple is dropping the 2nd generation iPad as it’s “starter” model in favor of the 4th generation Retina device. Sorry if you liked the 30-pin connector, but you can expect apps to get more resource intensive.
  • Neil Young has a Kickstarter for the Pono Player, a high-def, audio only Toblerone shaped music player that is supposed to sound amazing in your car.
  • You too can soon live out your Wizard fantasies with Imogen Heap’s amazing music gloves! (support the Kickstarter)
  • Our guest Andrew Cole shares with us some of his experiences and works:
    • His Fulbright experience in New Zeland was brilliant,
    • we dig into his alto saxophone, electronics and video piece Frozen Atmospheres,
    • discuss a little of interactive/fixed media using Max/MSP, Pd, and Final Cut,
    • and much, much more!
  • Ben hits the post with his 2-minute explanation of audio sample rate.
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