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Patch In 17: You’re having more fun than anyone else in the hall

In this episode, Keith Kothman stops by to talk about Ball State University, teaching, why Blackboard is evil, and composing for a hardware controller as an instrument. Ableton’s new book is discussed, and Ben attempts to explain Markov Chains.

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Patch In 13: “without killing anyone in an opera…”

In this episode, Jorge Variego talks with Ben and Nate about Markov Chains in Charlie Parker’s music, SuperCollider, the prepared clarinet, and algorithmic composition. Max/MSP 7 gets gushed over, and Ben explains the flanging process.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Keith McMillen’s K-Board is now available – It’s a stripped down QuNexus, without all the fancy CV and OSC features, but it’s Core compliant and only $99
  • Max/MSP 7 is out!!!
  • Want a new, interesting MIDI controller with a kooky name? Try the Skoog
  • MusicComputing has introduced their Naru all in one music production PC – impressed?
  • Moog has released a Theremini editor/librarian app for iPad. it’s free, and it let’s you edit EVERY parameter of your Theremini – what more do you need?
  • Our guest this month is Jorge VariegoUT Knoxville professor, sax/clarinet virtuoso, fabulous composer!
  • We discuss some of his pieces:
  • In this month’s 2-minute challenge, Ben takes on Flanging.
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