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Streamers and Punches 60: Emmys of the Sun

In this episode we look at the recent Emmy winners and nominees, talk about Danny Elfman’s newest assignment, a new repertoire for conductor Gustavo Dudamel, and look at what Bill and Kevin have been listening to.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Alan Silverstri wins an EMMY for Cosmos: “Music composition for a series (original dramatic score): “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey: Standing Up in the Milky Way,” Fox and NatGeo. (He won in 2 categories: music for a series and “outstanding original main title theme music”)
  • FOTS Michael Price and David Arnold win an EMMY for Sherlock: His Last Vow “Music composition for a miniseries, movie or special: “Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece),” PBS.
  • FOTS Jeff Beal (and fellow Emmy nominee) signs with G. Schirmer
  • Danny Elfman to score “Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Happy Birthday Scott Glasgow, another FOTS
  • LA Phil Gala on September 30 to honor John Williams. Dudamel will conduct Star Wars.
  • BIll and Kevin have been listening to The Raid 2 (Joseph Trapanese, Fajar Yuskemal, Aria Prayogi), Guardians of the Galaxy (Tyler Bates), Orange is the New Black Seasons 1-2,(Scott Doherty, Brandon Jay, Gwendolyn Sanford), Hemlock Grove Season 2 (Nathan Barr), Empire of the Sun 2CD (J Williams), How to Train Your Dragon 2 (John Powell), Inside Llewyn Davis (T Bone Burnett and Marcus Mumford)
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Streamers and Punches 55: Awesome Sandwich

In this episode we look at the winners of the 2014 Oscars, talk about recent listens, discuss a recent post by composer Scott Glasgow, look at news involving Morricone and Williams, and mention new releases.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • ATAS to sponsor a concert featuring music from Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and others. Will also present Mark Snow a lifetime achievement award.
  • For the first time ever, an Oscar Concert
  • Ennio Morricone to conduct concerts in NY and LA this month.
  • ABC News tribute to John Williams “When Music is the Starring Role . . .”
  • Bill has been listening to Sherlock Series 3 (music by David Arnold, Michael Price), while Kevin has been listening to Tim’s Vermeer (music by Conrad Pope)
  • New Releases: Peabody & Sherman (D Elfman), Roswell/Communion (Goldenthal/Eric Clapton), The Blue Max 2CD (J Goldsmith), Sherlock Series 3 (Arnold/Price), The Matrix Revolutions 2CD (D Davis), Good Will Hunting (D Elfman), Star Trek: TNG – Encounter at Farpoint/Arsenal of Freedom (D McCarthy)
  • The 2014 Oscar winners are: Steven Price (score – Gravity) and “Let it Go” (song – Frozen – by Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez)
  • Scott Glasgow put out the question (paraphrasing) why do composers, given the chance to do a big budget epic, just use clichés and sound like Hans Zimmer? (in response to a critique by James Southall regarding the new Hercules movie directed by Renny Harlin with score composed by Tuomas Kantelinen)
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Streamers and Punches 48: The Michael Price is Right

In this episode we chat with Sherlock composer Michael Price, as well as look at John Williams’ and Bear McCreary’s next projects, what orchestra will be performing the future Hobbit score, and a Dr Who concert in Australia.
This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Bear McCreary scores Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • New Zealand Symphony scraps tour to continue recording second Hobbit score.
  • Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular returning to Austrailia in 2014.
  • John Williams confirmed to score new Star Wars trilogy.
  • John Williams scores the new film “The Book Thief.”
  • David Chen of /Film.com compares, contrasts Williams’ Superman score to Zimmer’s Man of Steel score in podcast.
  • Bill’s been listening to Pacific Rim (Ramin Jawadi) and The Wolverine (Marco Beltrami).
  • Kevin’s been listening to The Wolverine (Marco Beltrami).
  • We interview with Sherlock’s composer Michael Price.
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Streamers and Punches 30: Water for Sherlock

In this episode we look at Howard Shore’s new cello concerto, Bill gives his picks for new CDs to buy, and Kevin and Bill talk about what they’ve been listening to this week. Hint: it involves James Newton Howard and Titans.

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This week’s panel:
This week’s topics include:
  • Howard Shore premieres a new cello concerto.
  • Bill’s picks for CD releases: Hook 2CD, Ben Hur, It’s Alive, The Black Cauldron, White Fang, Predator; available at screenarchives.com.
  • What We’ve Been Listening To: Hunger Games, Water for Elephants (JNHoward), Sherlock: Series 2 (Arnold, Price), Wrath of the Titans (Javier Navarrete)
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