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SoundNotion 225: Star Wars Holiday Special

Nerd Alert! We sit down with film music experts Bill Withem and Kevin Wilt to talk about the John Williams Star Wars music and how we as non-film composers relate.

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Streamers and Punches 71: The Man from Eastman

In this episode we congratulate all of the Emmy winners, give a shout-out to the new scoring program at Eastman, chat details about the new Star Wars score release and behind the scenes, and share what we’ve been listening to.

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This week’s topics include:
  • Jeff Beal wins an Emmy for his music for House of Cards.
  • Jeff and Joan Beal donate $2 million to the Eastman School of Music to found Beal Institute for Film Music and Contemporary Media.
  • Other Emmy winners:
    • Bessie by Rachel Portman (for limited series, special, etc.)
    • Transparent by Dustin O’Halloran (for best theme)
    • Inside Amy Schumer by Kyle Dunnigan & Jim Roach (for music and lyrics)
    • Stevie Wonder Grammy Salute by Greg Phillinganess (for music direction)
  • The Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens soundtrack to be released on Friday, December 18th; the same day as the film.
  • William Ross is credited as conductor on Star Wars VII (according to IMDB).
  • Bill has been listening to the Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Daniel Pemberton) and so has Kevin; Kevin also listened to No Escape (Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders)
  • New CD Releases: The Secret of N.I.M.H. expanded (J Goldsmith).
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Streamers and Punches 67: Star Spies: A Force Bridge of Rogue…what a mess

In this episode we cover a ton of recent news, interviews, awards, announcements, and upcoming scoring assignments. We discuss the new score released by Omni Music Publishing: Silverado, plus what we’ve been listening to lately.

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This week’s topics include:
  • Awards: John Williams wins a Grammy for Book Thief, Desplat wins an Oscar, a Grammy, and BAFTA for Grand Budapest Hotel, and John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn for music and lyrics to the song Glory (from Selma), James Newton Howard to receive Max Steiner Award at 8th Annual Hollywood in Vienna; Elliot Goldenthal to receive ASCAP Founders Award.
  • Interviews: interview with Zimmer, Jeff Beal NPR interview, Randy Newman being trouble for directors, Elfman 50 Shades of Gray video
  • NPR discusses a score that’s ineligible to win an Oscar
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron poster says “Music by Brian Tyler; Additional Music By Danny Elfman”
  • Hans Zimmer to write all hero themes for BvS.
  • Desplat to score Star Wars spinoff.
  • Thomas Newman will score new Spielberg film Bridge of Spies instead of John Williams
  • The Star Wars: Force Awakens score will record in Los Angeles and not London
  • Silverado released from Omni Music Publishing
  • Events:
    • Pacific Symphony premiered JNH Violin Concerto a few weeks ago.
    • The Pittsburgh Pops announced a Howard Shore concert to close their 2015-16 season. June 24-26, 2016
    • Randy Newman to perform with KC Symphony June 10th
  • What We’ve Been Listening To:
    • Bill: Flash, Arrow (Blake Neely), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead (Bear McCreary), House of Cards Season 3 (Jeff Beal)
    • Kevin: Game of Thrones
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